Highfield as been in existence since 1889 when the decision was taken by members of the then Duckworth Street Congregational Church to build a new day school in Edmund Street. The school, which doubled as a Sunday school, opened in January 1891 and the debt was cleared in 1900.

Fourteen years later Highfield was constituted as a church in its own right with 18 members from Duckworth Street forming the nucleus. In September 1931 the decision was taken, with 100 members present, to build a separate church next door to the school and the foundation stone was laid that December. It opened 10 months later, having cost
£5,567, free from debt.

After Lancashire Education Authority ceased to use the school as an infants school the building was sold in 1974 and the following year the church was modified into a dual-purpose building. It reopened and was rededicated in October 1975.